We see that there is a growing demand that our enterprises, especially those in business, should be about something bigger and more important than just themselves, that they should solve a real problem that humanity needs addressed beyond the transaction of just selling commodities for profit.  Furthermore, if emotional loyalty, (and perhaps even the beginnings of a relationship) is to exist between an enterprise and its “customers” or constituents, then the symbol of that enterprise, its Brand, must be informed by this (worthy) Purpose. Indeed, if it is not, then the social media has given customers and other constituents the capacity to control the reputation of the enterprise, or its Brand.

As such, the Brand has become a social license, granted by customers and constituents who can and do require compliance through the vehicle of social media.They also demand not only that the organization actively and authentically lives up to its stated Purpose but also that the enterprise lives up to its socially licensed Brand as well. In essence, its Culture must be an authentic expression of its Brand.  Employees, who have at their disposal the very same social media tools as customers and various other constituents, similarly demand that the Culture of the enterprise reflect a Purpose that they deem worthy of their emotional loyalty.

When an enterprise actively and authentically lives out all three elements together, we have come to call this coordinated movement Telosity – the inexorable shift of an enterprise towards the authentic living out of a powerful and compelling Purpose, not simply, and perhaps cynically, as a means to growth and financial success, but for the sake of others.


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