Advocate Tier – Minimum Contribution: $67.00 for the first 200 members, then $86.00

First of all, thank you!  As an Advocate, you very much believe that we can and must find a better way for our enterprises to work, and you are ready to spread the word in your networks and areas of influence as we try to do just that. We invite you to participate in the collaborative book writing process and in particular, to help spread the word.

What you Receive:

  • Early access to chapters of the book released as pdf files though the HUB – for your comment and response
  • 3 printed copies of the Final Version of the book, which incorporates your comments and letters - delivered in Fall 2013
  • 1 printed poster sized "Landscape of a Personal Enterprise” which will help you strategize and map how your enterprise can work with these ideas


$67.00 for 2 years
pdf early release chapters on website + 3 printed copies of the book delivered in fall 2013 + 1 hardcopy of "The Landscape of Personal Enterprise” for strategy & mapping