"In modern retail business, there is no permanent place for the institution that is not socially minded - that puts the greed for big profits above its public responsibilities. Such concerns may flourish for a while, but they cannot long fool the public. Their pretensions will be found out."

Sounds like a rally cry from one of today's social enterprises, doesn't it?! Well, it could be, but it's not...

This statement is actually from a radio program that was broadcast all across Canada in 1935, and produced by the Eaton's department store empire, a Canadian staple for over a century.


If our businesses had lived up to this ideal for the past 80 years, then Telosity would be a description of what “is,” rather than a hint of what could be. Imagine what our world would be like if the former, and not the latter was true?

Are you, like us, rediscovering the truth at the heart of the sentiment above? We are imagining how to bring this vision to life for companies we work for and from whom we buy. Will you join us? The next generation needs us to seize this moment.


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