Continuing a theme we've been working with, take a look at this article we came across a while back.

For the worker building the cathedral, the meaning in his work was enough to sustain him in the mundane task of rockbreaking!


Does this statement resonate with the way you desire to contribute?

We don’t want to wait until we retire to give back.  We want to do it now, while we work, in and through our work.”

If so, how and why?

The truth is, it seems to be the expectation of a rising tide of the new and coming workforce, a "Consequential Cohort" that increasingly demands meaning and Purpose from their work.

As one member of our community put it,

“All my business life I ignored the culture of my clients. That is probably why in my own various companies culture just happened but was never imposed and was always geared to quarterly results. Imagine the consequences of having a happy, focused, altruistic workforce that did not maximize profit. Shareholder rule has always governed my business life. How sad for me.”


Are you rockbreaking or cathedral building? How can you, your manager, and your employer or workplace do a better job of bringing that cathedral-building perspective?


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