This article from The Guardian UK points out three things that are key to the thesis we've been building over the last few years.

1. "First and foremost, companies need to understand that their long-term success has to be linked to the success of society in general."

2. There is a shift happening, driven by social media, which has put far more power in the hands of consumers and employees, including the ability to hold companies accountable like never before.

3. This shift means that companies must undergo radical change and enter a phase of vulnerability and reflection on how they might actually help society. As one of the interviewees, Jerry Greenfield (the "Jerry" of Ben & Jerry's) puts it, "You can be neutral or a taker or you can be a contributor," he says "and business is generally neutral to a taker. It is not a builder." But what if it was a contributor?

And ultimately, we would add, the practical way to begin doing this last bit (and as such respond to the first two issues as well) is by pursuing Telosity - Purpose and Authenticity through Brand and company Culture


The article (written by Jo Confino) was posted within The Guardian's online "Sustainable Business" hub - check it out, it's a great resource, especially the Values-Led Business blog


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