chris_photo.jpgChris Houston is a seasoned consultant who, through his consulting business called The Change Alliance helps his clients bring about fundamental positive change in the organizations they lead. Chris is a ‘natural’ consultant. To him, the work is a calling, a craft and a passion. He loves the intricate and often intensely personal process of helping leaders and their organizations grow and thrive, even in extremely challenging conditions. Many of his consulting relationships last for years, transitioning through the natural stages of growth as needs and conditions change. For many clients, the benefits of an experienced ‘third party’, who remains close enough for relevance yet removed enough for objectivity, has proven to provide a valuable resource to help through challenging times and achieve positive results.

Telosity has its roots in Chris’s thoughts and experiences over the course of a business and consulting career that began in the late 1980’s. That career has brought him into the management of both global and national businesses seeking to adapt to disruptive change. Behind Chris, and in many ways a profound influence in his life, is his Dad, James M. Houston, a pioneering academic first at Oxford and then as founding principal of Regent College in Vancouver, and now, in his 90s, an astute scholar on the subject of today’s social context. Chris and Jim both have embraced a pursuit of the personal – the enrichment of the human experience through an orientation toward the other rather than the self.


For more about Chris, visit The Change Alliance.

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