Collaborator Tier – Minimum Contribution: $297.00 for the first 20 members, then $388.00

First of all, thank you!  As a Collaborator, you very much believe that we can and must find a better way for our enterprises to work. For you, this project represents an opportunity to help shape your organization or business and the world. And you likely agree with one financial manager, who wrote to us early on in The Project saying, “I hope you are right, no matter what it might do to returns!”

Please contribute to the conversation about how our businesses can pursue Purpose or meaning beyond profit, and we invite you to participate in the collaborative book writing process as well.

What you Receive:

  • Early access to chapters of the book released as pdf files though our website – for your comment and response
  • 7 printed copies of the Final Version of the book, which incorporates your comments and letters - delivered in Fall 2013
  • 1 printed poster sized "Landscape of a Personal Enterprise” which will help you strategize and map how your enterprise can work with these ideas
  • access to the "Innovation Greenhouse" zone of this site, which will gather like-minded leaders and provide a Field Guide and extra toolkit to help you to implement principles of The Personal Enterprise in your areas of influence
  • your name listed as a Collaborator in a special section of the final version of the book
  • the opportunity to purchase at cost up to 20 additional copies of the book
  • Complementary admission to a 1 day “Practitioner's Workshop” with fellow Collaborators and Investors and the author (not including travel costs). This workshop will allow you to work with like-minded leaders on the principles of The Personal Enterprise in your areas of influence.


$297.00 for 2 years
pdf early release chapters on website + 7 printed copies of the book + access to "Innovation Greenhouse" & Field Guide & navigation tools + 1day Practitioner's Workshop w/author