To begin, a word about money…

Telosity has been for some time a vision we felt moved to pursue. To begin with, we (and The Change Alliance) funded the startup costs, which have involved practical things like web building and print material creation, but also bringing on extra support for Chris, who gives his time to chase this vision. We promised ourselves, from day one, to fund the startup costs until the ideas and content were built out, and to do so only for a time.


Soon after we began, a number of others joined us, and their financial contributions reduced some of the startup costs incurred during the first year, but a large portion of the ongoing costs remain ours to bear. Though our intent is not to have Telosity to make money in the traditional sense, if it is to continue, Telosity must become self-sustaining. That said, in a strange paradox, we seek the spread of Telosity, but in our current arrangement cannot, on our own, afford the ongoing costs or work implied if Telosity causes the impact we hope it might.

We invite you to become one member of a strong core group behind Telosity, helping to propel it, and ask you to consider joining the network of supporters who can help make this effort self-sustaining.

Contributors will receive:

  • invitation to be a guest voice on our blog
  • special recognition
  • copies of the forthcoming book
  • invitation to special events
  • & a series of other rewards, tools, and related extras as the journey unfolds

Collaborator – min. contribution: $297 Backer - min. contribution: $2,500

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