Let's put business to work for society.


For generations, we’ve only asked business to deliver profits – but not anymore.

Consumers and employees are demanding that business deliver social value as well as financial value, yet our companies are ill-equipped to successfully attempt this critical pivot.

If you want to put profit to work for purpose, this book will help. Find out how you can help your company become a vital force for good by delivering on its “purpose-for-others” through an authentic brand and hopeful culture.


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Get Key Insights that will help you put business to work for society.


A Word of Encouragement from For Goodness' Sake...

About Telosity

Society is clamoring for businesses to deliver more than just shareholder return, and even asking companies to clarify their purpose in terms of delivering good to the world. Telosity brings you insights on the relationship between company purpose, brand and culture and a hopeful and creative archetype for a new kind of company called The Purposeful Enterprise that will lead this new movement.

We want to help you explore this new territory for business. We have been observing changes in business for years now, and synthesizing what we've seen through an ongoing blog series with Ogilvy & Mather that counts more than 250,000 views.

Telosity is led by Chris Houston and is an initiative of The Change Alliance, a boutique management consulting firm specializing in the areas of purpose, strategy, change management, governance and leadership development.