bully_business.pngIn many places, businesses are often associated with exploitation and even bullying behavior.

Some of my friends see businesses as consumed with only one aim – profit – and choose to enter other fields. To a large degree these observers are probably right. Or at least they have been…until now.

We tend to have a rather ambivalent relationship with businesses.  As consumers we like them to deliver more value for less money. As retirees, we like them to deliver high returns for our pension plans. As neighbours we like them to clean up their waste or go find some other part of town. As employees we like them to create jobs and continue our own employment.  The list could go on and on, but you get the idea.  

However, for those who run and work in one of these things called a business, it is complicated trying to manage all the competing interests and demands. In a way, it is no wonder that for several generations we have let them just make money no matter the consequences.

Except those consequences are becoming unacceptable and so businesses that "just make money" – are coming under severe scrutiny. The idea that profit is the single aim of business is being rejected, outright. 

In For Goodness’ Sake: satisfy the hunger for meaningful business you’ll find out how a new role for business is being forged in response to both consumers and employees who want the businesses where they buy and where they work to do something else, something better than they have ever done – even something good!




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