We in business spend so much of our time and energy on ‘value creation.’ But what sort of value are we creating, and for whom?

We're growing tired of the incongruence we see in our workplaces and our companies every day – and we know we can do better.

What if we worked together to build a movement to create a "new normal" - the expectation that all of our businesses make the world a better place now, and for future generations, and pursue authenticity while shifting profit from an “end” in itself to a “means” in service to a transcendent Purpose that maximizes meaning for customers and employees alike?

Despite the challenges of today’s marketplace, such businesses are possible, and we can build them... if we want to.  After all, we run our businesses, they don't run us!

Some of you are already working toward this goal, but to make the greatest impact, we need to gather a “tribe” who envision businesses to fit the form of this "new normal."

So, whether you are a CEO or a customer, the board chair or an admin, let’s imagine, design, create and encourage these kinds of businesses - ones we call "Personal Enterprises" that exist for the benefit of others, not just for their shareholders. The next generation needs us to seize this moment!


The Personal Enterprise Project Seeks to:

Imagine and Discuss a better sort of company, or what we are calling The Personal Enterprise. We'll do this in a Book and by sharing “points of light” that suggest hope in this Forum 

Will You: Add your imagination and your input to the discussion?

Design Tools so we can begin to implement these ideas

Will You:  Buy The Book or Back the Project and help us improve them? You'll be rewarded and appreciated!

Build and Create The Personal Enterprise by acting individually and in groups - in our companies, workplaces and community

Will You: Take Action toward creating a Personal Enterprise in your context?


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