What changes to business do we hope will result from this movement?

  • We hope that every enterprise, business and organization will define and live out a clear Purpose or meaning that is about something really important to more than just its owners. We expect that this Purpose or meaning will become the primary driving force of the business.
  • We hope that profit will shift from the role as “end” to a role as “means.”
  • We hope that the slow but steady movements to embrace Purpose, Authenticity, transparency and other similar ideals will accelerate and turn into a landslide of change for the better.
  • We hope employees will demand that their leaders give meaning to the organizations they lead and inspire them through their own personal example to bring their best talent to a worthy cause and that they will try to change those that don’t.
  • We hope that customers will vote with their wallets and buy goods and services from businesses that have a meaningful Purpose and are authentic (that is, they do what they say) and transparent (that is, they say what they do). Likewise, we hope customers will at the same time also refuse to buy from businesses that don’t measure up to these ideals, and that they will encourage their friends to do the same.

  • We desire to reach people both inspirationally and practically - and encourage them to take action within their enterprise or context, then to reflect, grow in confidence, and act again, meanwhile telling others and working to bring this movement to their networks, communities and spheres of influence.
  • We desire, with the best of our gifts, energy and resources invested in this movement, to leave a lasting heritage that will benefit those in future generations, that it might be said of us, “they helped change the very nature of business.”


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