A friend and key supporter sent us this brief video about a campaign run each year by innocent, a juice/smoothie/food company that's become very popular in Europe. 

(from The Blank Sheet Project)

"The Big Knit" has been a yearly campaign since 2003, growing in scale and success rate right alongside innocent itself. It has made a positive contribution to society, but has also served as a brand-builder and created (more) emotional loyalty with customers.

Some reasons we think innocent is so successful (besides great products):

Purpose - "we're innocent... and we're here to make it easy for people to do themselves some good (whilst making it taste nice too)." Sustainability is "baked in" to the business, and the company also strives to, "leave things a little bit better than we find them" and "improve the social and environmental standards of how fruit is grown" among other transcendent, meaning-maximizing aims. Quite the thoughtful food and drink maker!

Cultureread this timeline for a taste of how things work at innocent. The unique Culture at innocent leads to internal essentials like employee engagement, emotional loyalty, creativity and vision.

Brand - innocent both expresses and lives its Brand, which has granted it a social license and created trust. When people think "innocent," they think: fun, tasty, and healthy products, and something like "good stuff, made responsibly, from good people!"

We could say more, but we'll stop there.

In many ways, innocent makes a great example of building Telosity toward the sort of company that will survive and thrive in "capitalism 2.0." Do you agree?


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