Choices - one by one, by people like you - will be the precursors to the gaining of Telosity and the formation of companies whose Brands and organizational Cultures are shaped with Authenticity according to Purpose. These choices, both large and small, will together start a positive movement on both the company and societal levels.

If you’re ahead of the curve, that takes courage, foresight and lots of initiative. And probably, enough confidence to carry you through the awkward moments (or years) when there just aren’t people following your lead. If that describes your situation currently, or one you may face as you lead in the years ahead, take heart. The inspirational Derek Sivers has a few words for you.

When it comes to bringing Purpose and Authenticity to your companies, be a ‘lone nut,’ or be the second nut, or the third... Eventually, people will take notice and begin to join you.

And, come think together with us about Telosity. You may find in it a dance that will help you lead the rest…


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