Much to his enjoyment, Jordan has now spent several years talking and writing with Chris about the concepts central to Telosity. In fact, he distinctly remembers the Saturday afternoon conversation when Chris first floated the term “telosity” as the two dug potatoes together on Chris’s farm. Some time and many conversations later, he and Chris both felt led to set out together to try to share what they were seeing and to help others respond. So in June 2012, they did.

With a background in the non-profit world, Jordan began this endeavor with some skepticism for business and many of the companies that populate its landscape, yet at the same time he guarded a glowing ember of hope that things might one day be better. He's seen enough now that he knows it can be better, if one by one we choose to make it so.

Jordan has BA in history from Providence College, a liberal arts school in Rhode Island, and a master’s degree from the University of Toronto (Wycliffe College).

Jordan is joyfully married to Allison, and together they are blessed to be parents to Zoe. Toronto, Ontario is the place they call home.

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