Malcolm Gladwell was right - "Tipping Points" happen. But for things like changing the nature of business, it’s hard to predict where they will be. What we do know is that it will only happen if a significant group of people choose and then act accordingly. The good news is quite simple: we actually can choose and act accordingly, because we run our businesses, they don’t run us.

The choices, actions and leadership of real people - individuals like you – are what will get Telosity rolling. These choices and actions are each important, from small everyday ones to massive, company re-shaping ones. The best way to get Telosity rolling: “be yeast to whatever dough you’re in” or if you prefer, “bloom where you’re planted” and start to shift your team, business unit, workgroup, company or organization toward the new reality in which Purpose and Authenticity are your key targets. Here are a few ideas that may help:

Notice what is Declared

  • If you don’t know it already, find out and even question your company's Purpose. If necessary, do what you can to engage others in that discussion and together start clarifying the Purpose.
  • Be transparent, find someone to encourage, insist on growing more confident.
  • Ask questions about how your company’s Brand and Culture could be improved to better reflect your company’s Purpose and mirror one another in Authenticity.
  • Look for Authenticity. Tell your stories, encourage one another, and collectively imagine other ways to help your company to begin living an authentic Culture.
  • Think about what it is your company does that might earn it the bestowed characteristic “Integrity” from both customers and employees. Encourage it to do those things more regularly and at greater scale.

Live the Purpose

  • Examine your organization’s Brand and see if you can live it yourself. Catch someone in the act of getting it right and point that out to him or her.
  • Experiment! Try new things that shift your company (no matter its size) toward the pursuit of Purpose and Authenticity.
  • Try to find someone else where you work who thinks that Purpose and Authenticity matter. Watch what they do, not just what they say.
  • At work, ask questions and do little things (or big ones) which demonstrate to others that “business as usual” can and must be changed.

Cultivate Desire

  • Take regular times to Observe, Reflect, and Imagine what could be better at your workplace and how your leadership there might bring that “better” to life.
  • Reflect on any experience you have had at your workplace that was life-giving or when you felt you were doing something really worthwhile, not only for you but for someone. Do something like that again. Remember and keep doing that thing. Encourage someone else to follow the same process.
  • Think about how your company’s Purpose and activities offer meaning and contribution to others outside of itself.
  • Encourage, equip and help others to act within their areas of influence to do some of the things on this list!
  • Explore your own emotional loyalty to the Purpose, Brand and Culture of your company. Do the same exploration with other employees, customers and any stakeholders.
  • Pick any idea you’ve encountered in these materials about Telosity and (if you haven’t already) test it through the lens of your experience. Explore it with colleagues and friends. Interact with others in the growing community you’ll find here. Ask hard questions, discuss them, and share them with us.


This list is obviously just a start. Add to it and discuss in the comment section below…


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