Thinking back to the Bangladesh garment factory fire brings poignant commentary on the "externalizations" that are often assumed (but unrecognized) as simply part of doing business today.

What a price to pay for 'profit.' Is it not time for a better way?

"We have not yet worked out a reliable way of making money by selling solely good things," said philosopher Alain de Botton in a June 2012 speech given in Cannes, France. Can we not find ways to do good AND make enough money?

We can design and build such businesses, but it will take creativity and hard work. What is most necessary is desire and motivation. It takes choice. After all, over time, some smart people put their heads together over time and came up with the design of a pocket sized device that makes wireless phone calls and the infrastructure to, through that same device, link to an almost limitless source of searchable, readable information. Over time, with desire, motivation and the continual choice to improve, the unimaginable came into being in the matter of a few decades.  Think of the outcome if we similarly applied ourselves to a new frontier of innovation – one of vital social importance: good business that does no harm.

What small steps can we take today to start the journey toward this next frontier? We are attempting, as Telosity, to join others and begin imagining and charting the course. Be encouraged. But more than that, in whatever ways you can, become part of this stream of innovation.


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