One of the contributors to Telosity sent us a video he saw about Chobani yogurt. If you haven't heard of it yet, you might soon. It is the most popular yogurt in the US, and has recently expanded distribution to Canada and Australia, with more countries likely to come.

Now yogurt might seem like an odd topic for a business blog, but given our goal to encourage businesses to pursue a transcendent Purpose and authenticity of their Brand and Culture, it's just right, because in many ways, Chobani is doing exactly that. One of their brand promises is "Nothing But Good" - something that first of all describes their product, which is all natural, with no preservatives, and offers better nutritional value than traditional yogurt. But Chobani also reflects this promise in the way they interact with their customers and work with them to create new products and flavours, their commitment to give away 10% of profits, and the way they care for people and their employees. Company values are: "Integrity, craftsmanship, innovation, leadership, people, and giving back." Pretty lofty for a yogurt maker! But they represent a new kind of business that has greater intentions than just a good product that will turn a profit.

Here's a video that tells a little bit of the company's story.

If you watch all the way to the end, the founder and CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya, has a great quote that goes like this: "Why are you doing what you're doing if you don't have a purpose? Money? How much money do you need? There are a lot of rich people that come and go, a lot of successful people that come and go. What counts is what you leave behind, and what kind of difference you make."


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