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The Personal Enterprise: Pursuing Purpose
& the New Currency of Authenticity

 A letter of encouragement to all those working to enrich the art of business


 By Chris Houston
President, The Change Alliance



Chapter Title
Release Date

Overview (and how to read this book)

October 30, 2012
Part 1 - Interpretation: A Shift is Occurring - So What?

Chapter 1 - Higher Up for a Better View:
Edin's Hall Broch and a New Core Model for Business

October 30, 2012

Chapter 2 - Purpose and the Emerging Enterprise:
Why Has "Why" Become an Important Place to Start?

November 15, 2012

Chapter 3 - Brand: Whose Brand Is It Anyhow?

December 20, 2012

Chapter 4 - Culture: An Outside-In Branding?

January 17, 2013

Chapter 5 - The Personal Enterprise: What's That?

February 21, 2013
Part 2 - Observation: What's Causing This Shift?

Chapter 6 - The Emerging Self:
A New Sense of "Self" Requires a New Kind of Enterprise


Chapter 7 - Panarchy? What's That?!
Lessons We All Missed From Biology


Chapter 8 - Power Shift: "The Hammer" of Social Media,
We Still Don't Get It, Really

Part 3 - Application: Toward a Personal Enterprise

Chapter 9 - Personal Leadership:
Why What the Boss Really Believes Matters Most


Chapter 10 - Personal Teams:
Incarnational Gaggles and Other Rubrics


Chapter 11 - Personal Governance:
Why the Directors Have a Brand New Job


Chapter 12 - Personal Communications:
Everything We Ever Did, and More, on Steroids


Chapter 13 - Personal Systems:
All the Other Untouched Parts of the Organization


Chapter 14 - Customer Intimacy:
Big Data Becomes "Personal"


Chapter 15 - The Personal Enterprise: A Call to Action


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