Here's a list of the ways you can earn Reach Capital (RC) but to do so you must first JOIN The Project.
You earn 5RC each when you: Join, Back the Project, contribute Reach Expansion Units (REU's), or Volunteer.
After that, there are 3 main ways to earn Reach Capital (make sure you are logged in)...

It may seem complicated at first, but it's actually quite simple and fun. Have a look at your profile on the site - most likely you've already earned some RC! Keep adding to your total, and each month we'll be announcing rewards for the top earners!

1. Explore Content:

  • Become a Facebook Fan = +2RC 
  • Become a Twitter Follower = +2RC
  • "Like" a Facebook post = +0.5RC 
  • Give Feedback or making a Suggestion on the site = +1RC
  • Comment on chapters, blogs or other site content (on the HUB) = +1RC

2. Advocate - this involves more effort and for you to share The Project with friends:

These next 2 are added manually, so let us know and we'll update your account...

  • Send snail mail, text messages, make a phone call or have a conversation about The Project = +4RC 
  • Other creative ways to get the word out = +?RC (TBD)

3. Recruit – when your advocacy brings active new members, including those who:

  • sign up, contribute REU'sBack the Project, or Volunteer = +2.5RC 
  • EndorseSign a WDA or send email (done HERE) about The Project = +2RC 
  • become Twitter followers and Facebook fans (recruit HERE) = +1RC 
  • Tweet, post on Facebook or other social sharing about The Project (done HERE) = +1RC 
  • Other creative recruitment endeavours like: Event Hosting, key introductions or partnerships, content creation, etc.
    (let us know and we'll update your account...) = +?RC (TBD)


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