Here’s how Reach Capital (RC) works:

  • Once you've joined the site and created a profile (or done so by signing in with your twitter or Facebook account), you'll see something like this RC_example.PNGbelow your name. This tells you how much Reach Capital you have earned.
  • You can earn Reach Capital by following us on social media, posting, commenting or sharing about The Project, and most of all, for recruiting others to join and buy in - whether through your social media profile or by email. To make sure you're earning Reach Capital, go to Spread the Word before you start sharing. Be sure to use that tracking link!
  • Or, if you spread the word through more traditional means like snail-mail or a good old conversation (our favorite!), send us a note explaining what you did and who you recruited and we'll update your account.
  •  Each month, we'll reward the best and most effective advocates (and thus the ones with the most RC) with a special perk or surprise, like, for example bumping their Backer Benefits from “Buy The Book” up to the “Advocate Level.”
  • Have an idea that would really help us spread the word? Let us know!

Here's a list of the ways you can earn Reach Capital (RC) but to do so you must first JOIN The Project, which will get you started with 5RC.

Now, have a look at your profile on the site - keep adding to your total, and each month we'll announce rewards for the top earners!

You earn 5RC each when you Back the Project or Volunteer.
After that, there are 3 main ways to earn Reach Capital:

1. Explore Content:

  • Become a Facebook Fan = +2RC 
  • Become a Twitter Follower = +2RC
  • "Like" a Facebook post = +0.5RC 
  • Give Feedback or make a Suggestion on the site = +1RC
  • Comment on chaptersblogs or other site content = +1RC

2. Advocate - this involves more effort and for you to share The Project with friends:

These next 2 are added manually, so let us know and we'll update your account...

  • Send snail mail, text messages, make a phone call or have a conversation about The Project = +4RC 
  • Other creative ways to get the word out = +?RC (TBD)

3. Recruit – when your advocacy brings active new members, including those who:

  • JOINBack the Project, or Volunteer = +2.5RC 
  • EndorseSign a WDA or send email (done HERE) about The Project = +2RC 
  • become Twitter followers and Facebook fans (recruit HERE) = +1RC 
  • Tweet, post on Facebook or other social sharing about The Project (done HERE) = +1RC 
  • Other creative recruitment endeavours like: Event Hosting, key introductions or partnerships, content creation, etc. (let us know and we'll update your account...) = +?RC (TBD)

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