Welcome to the Telosity story exchange, where are collecting encouraging stories of positive change in business. These "Purposeful Enterprise" moments will help us encourage others and capture real life examples of people moving purpose forward in business.

If you're feeling uncertain about whether this is something you can contribute to, let us put you at ease. Nothing sums up our expectations for you better than these words from Canadian storytelling icon Stuart McLean, in the introduction to his own story exchange:

Now here is something important. You don't have to be a writer to join in. In fact, if you have never written anything before in your life I want to hear from you more than anyone. Just put your story down on paper. Use simple short words. They are the best kind. Think of it as writing me a letter...

You can write about big things and small things. Usually the most important things are small things. You can write about funny things and sad things. Just so long as they are true things. Just so long as you keep your stories short. How short? Good question. Like a letter. However long or short that is for you. Two paragraphs, or two pages. Or more, or less.

Write your stories and send them to us.

Before you submit your story, we do need to ask one thing. Please enter your contact info below so we can:

  • send you the Corporate Teloscope, a 10-minute tool that delivers a clear look at company purpose through intentions, words & actions.
  • follow up on your story to ensure you authorize publication and to give you the proper credit,
  • share relevant Telosity news and updates with you.

Thanks, and happy storytelling!
Chris, Jordan, and the team at Ogilvydo

**If you'd prefer to email us your story instead, just send it to jordan@telosity.net.**

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