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We're firm believers that stories, whether a few words or many pages, can inspire others - even thousands - when they are told and retold. Stories are a key part of cultural change, and will therefore be essential as we bring “Purposeful Enterprises” to life. You (yes, you) can bring that change. 

Start with a story. Share a few words to tell a story about a person or organization displaying courage and humility and doing their part to bring the Purposeful Enterprise to life. Perhaps your best illustration will be about someone else, maybe a colleague or a friend, or an article that sparked a change, or perhaps it will be about you and the narrative you are living out day-by-day to train yourself or your team to have a Purpose for more than just making money. We'll share some of your stories in the blog over the coming months.

Submit a story by November 20, 2015, and you’ll get free access to a brand new diagnostic tool we’ve created that will zero in on how your team or your company is doing on Purpose. It's called "The Purpose Periscope" and it's one way we can help you help your company to grow on Purpose.

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