Many are already working to bring to life key aspects of The Personal Enterprise in their roles and contexts. But more cohesion is needed to overcome the skepticism that drowns hope. We are a movement which welcomes and values both "the 99%" and "the 1%." What unites us is hope for what lies ahead for businesses and organizations and not despair at what is currently broken. 

We are “millennials” and grandparents, youthful and experienced. We are analyzers, dreamers, and doers. We are change-makers, leaders, entrepreneurs, employees, managers, critics, governors and anyone who interacts with businesses on a regular basis. As such a diverse gathering, what brings us together is the belief that our businesses can be better, and that they WILL be better if they are Personal Enterprises, or ones that maximize Purpose or meaning more than profit and pursue authenticity.


Most of all, we are a movement of committed people who want to take action to change the way business works.


Your Action & Leadership can bring Personal Enterprises to life:

“Bloom where you are planted” - Above all, take anything that you can find in what we or others have written and act. Experiment, ask a question, find someone to encourage, be transparent.

Observe, Reflect, Imagine and insist on growing more confident.

  1. If you don’t know it already, find out and even question your company's Purpose. If necessary and possible, try to start clarifying that Purpose with others in the company.
  2. Examine the Brand and see if you can live it yourself, look for authenticity – catch someone in the act of getting it right
  3. Tell your stories, encourage one another, and collectively imagine other ways to help an authentic Culture to emerge in your company.
  4. Experiment! Try new things that shift your enterprise (no matter its size) toward authenticity.
  5. Ask questions about how your company’s Brand and Culture could be improved to better reflect one another in authenticity and transparency.
  6. Try to find someone where you work who thinks that Purpose and Authenticity matter. Watch what they do, not just what they say.
  7. Reflect on any experience you have had at your work that was life-giving or you felt like you were doing something really worthwhile, not only for you but for someone else – keep searching through your memory until something shows up, it will - it always does. Do something like it again. Remember and keep doing that thing. Encourage someone else to follow the same process.
  8. At work, ask questions and do little things (or big ones) which demonstrate to others that a new way for business is possible.
  9. Encourage, equip and help others to act within their areas of influence to do some of the things on this list!
  10. Explore your own emotional loyalty to the Purpose, Brand and Culture of your company. Do the same exploration with other employees, customers and any stakeholders.
  11. Pick any idea about The Personal Enterprise you’ve encountered and (if you haven’t already) test it through the lens of your experience. Explore it with colleagues and friends. Interact with others in the growing community you’ll find here. Ask hard questions, discuss them, and share them with us.
  12. Add to this list…


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