Friday, March 21st marked the opening publication of our weekly appearance on the worldwide thought-leadership blog of Ogilvy & Mather, located at www.ogilvydo.com. We are, as you can imagine, deeply grateful for this opportunity. It also means that we will be releasing our core content in small, digestible chunks over the course of 2014. Writing these blogs and tightening things up through the editorial process has been a great exercise for us, and has sharpened our focus and insights.

You can read the first post here: http://www.ogilvydo.com/a-fresh-start/#.UyyPna1dXIr

This will be our chance to share Telosity with a broader audience over the coming year. In the meanwhile, it is our hope and desire that you and others will find something helpful and encouraging in what we will share. Please follow along with us for at least the first few weeks to see if we are able to live up to that goal. If so, continue with us on the journey yourself and share the links with the friends and colleagues of yours who you think might also find something helpful and encouraging in our perspective.

That said, we sincerely desire to involve you further in the development of this project. Your participation, input and expertise are not only welcomed, but will vastly improve Telosity as we move ahead.

Would you consider becoming more active in this conversation?

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A few conversation starters: 

If you’re working to bring Purpose and Authenticity to your context, “the wind is at your back.” We’d love to tell you why.

What gets you excited for “Character Companies” of the future? What sorts of problems will you need to solve in your company now in order to get there?

What types of insights, information, and tools would be most helpful or interesting to you?

With thanks,
Chris and Jordan

PS: If you think of others you know who might be interested in Telosity, please share. Here's a toolbox that will help you do so through email, social media, etc... all in one place - http://www.telosity.net/spread_the_word


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