Books matter - they record and disseminate points of view and carry ideas to the mainstream. Printed ones still matter as well as e-copies. We will have both.  Below is a graphic representation of the content, or you can view the outline or Buy the Book.

Although the publication of a book is central to The Personal Enterprise Project, it's not a book written in the traditional sense. Released monthly until Summer 2013, the Book takes the form of a series of letters. Because the book takes the form of a letter, written to and for you - an appropriate response is to write back! Once you read a new chapter, read it, mark it up, and tell us what you think. What makes sense? What doesn't? What stories from your own experience relate to what you've read?

To make use of the new vernacular, we can “crowd-source” more answers about how to form Personal Enterprises than any one of us will find alone, which is why we invite you to join us in the writing process. Many of you are experts with a wealth of experience, while others are hopeful or imaginative. We want your voices, dreams and experiences to be heard.

Post your responses and contributions on the site, or email them to us, which along with many others (we hope), we will compile and integrate into the final version of the book (subject to some editorial oversight from your peers). Those of you who contribute will be acknowledged in the book, along with key Backers, and together we will have begun a movement to form the sort of enterprises and organizations that we will want to pass on to future generations, and not the sort we have come to expect and may later regret.


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