logo_growonpurposelrg.jpgThe Change Alliance is a boutique management consulting firm that dreams big with leaders and specializes in the areas of purpose, strategy, change management, governance and leadership development.


We are hopeful realists who know what it takes to transform organizations; imagination, conviction, incarnation and unimaginable persistence and wonder. For years, we have journeyed alongside senior leaders and companies that have both led and experienced massive change.  Some have thrived and some have not.

office_with_magnolia.jpgTo be in the “change management business” means joining clients in many different transitions, often substantial and profound. From these shared experiences, we know how hard change really is – not in theory, but in the daily practice of grinding it out, one heart at a time, sometimes with brilliant technique, but most of all relying on simply smart and honest engagement, in the actions and choices of the day-by-day.


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