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“Bloom where you are planted” - Above all, take anything that you can find in what we or others have written and act. Experiment, ask a question, find someone to encourage, be transparent. Observe, Reflect, Imagine and insist on growing more confident.
  1. Find out and even question your organization's Purpose, examine the Brand and see if you can live it yourself, look for authenticity – catch someone in the act of getting it right, explore the emotional loyalty of customers and other stakeholders.  Frankly, do anything that seems like a way to explore, test, put into practice anything relevant that relates to clarifying Purpose and living an authentic Brand and Culture in your organization. 
  2. Pick any idea in what we are writing and test it through the lens of your experience. Explore it with colleagues and friends. Ask hard questions and make sure you notice that there is much more uncertain than certain.  Find anything that resonates for you as true and resolve to act and to see what happens until you see you are onto something important.  Then, tell someone else.
  3. Try to find someone where you work who thinks that Purpose and Authenticity matter. Watch what they do, not just what they say.
  4. Reflect on any experience you have had at your work that was life-giving or you felt like you were doing something really worthwhile, not only for you but for someone else – keep searching through your memory until something shows up, it will - it always does. Do something like it again. Remember and keep doing that thing. Encourage someone else to follow the same process.
  5. Find out what most of your customers wish you were as a business and cheaper, faster and better are just means to an end – what really is the “end” they have in mind? Do the same with your very best talent – or they will leave and go somewhere else that knows.
  6. Pass it On – the technical term is “advocacy”, but the essential task is to tell someone with enough conviction that they choose to act alongside of you. Give them something to read, send them a link, invite a conversation, be persuasive only as much as you are convinced, Tweet an idea, forward a blog, send in a letter, tell a story.  Just don’t fail to engage someone - that would be described as changing nothing and still expecting different outcomes.
This is just the beginning...keep adding your suggestions to the list.

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