As the role of business continues to change rapidly (a shift that I have called Telosity), the week of June 1, 2017 will likely prove to be another watershed moment. “Goodbye to values,” wrote The Economist, “Past presidents believed that American power should be used as a force for good in the world. Not Donald Trump.”

Meanwhile, in response to the same political leader’s widely anticipated withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, the CEO of one of world’s most influential companies tweeted, “Climate change is real, industry must now lead and not depend on government.” In so many ways, our political institutions, handcuffed by an angry, negative populism, are dropping their responsibility to lead as a ‘force for good’ and unwittingly passing it to businesses, whose agility and responsiveness to the powerful and positive populism of their customers and their employees is evident in their growing commitment to deliver positive social impact.

The baton of leadership is being passed.

Increasingly, the ‘ballot boxes’ of consumer behavior and employee engagement are re-shaping businesses into a creative force for good while angry and protective voices demand most un-creative walls and barricades to try to protect the status quo, flawed though it is. While we all get to “vote”, it seems that the votes we make as employees and consumers can affect far more good than those we might have traditionally cast into our political institutions.

Let’s make those votes count – we can deliver them every day instead of every few years.


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