In recent years, we have been tracing the path of a series of social, generational and technological trends - ones like the advent of social media, the internet revolution which is democratizing information, the array of Benefit Corporations springing up, the concept of “shared value,” the Occupy Movement, millennials and their quest for meaning at work, a burgeoning “sharing economy,” and the list goes on, (but you can read more about that in the book). These trends suggest that a set of “new realities” are engulfing and reshaping the business landscape, ones that are quickly ushering in a “new normal” which will in turn require a new model for the company, even a new “theory of the firm.”

Telosity is what we have begun to call the business response required by the coming “new normal.” Telosity describes the intentional movement of an organization toward “living out” a meaningful Purpose expressed with Authenticity through Culture and Brand. Most central to the idea is the meaningful and compelling Purpose, pursued for its own sake because of its intrinsic good. We think the onset of this “new normal,” and the demand for Telosity that accompanies it are positive signs for business.

In 2012 and before, we were but 1 person who began discovering the seed of an idea. Now, we are a hopeful, expanding group, and the concept is coming to life among us. So we - who are CEO’s and customers, board chairs and admins, teachers, learners and leaders (and most everything in between) - endeavor to speed its arrival and encourage others by both our personal and collective actions.


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