Perhaps the most important way that you can use For Goodness’ Sake is illustrated by a real story of a real person. I’ll call him Peter, it’s not his name but it will do. Peter said to me after he had worked and read the book, “I’m beginning to realize I can change the nature of the business I am in without being its’ CEO. By playing the role I already have, by influencing the kind of work I do and by asking questions of the place where I work. I can begin to change and shift the way this business thinks about itself and what it does and I don’t need a whole lot of hierarchical power and authority to do that. I can do that from where I am.”

That is perhaps is the best illustration of the kind of help and encouragement I had most hoped For Goodness' Sake might offer.

I hope that you will see that, when you look around you, you are a part of a movement which is already underway and is reshaping the nature of business. You can participate in that where you are, with the role you’ve got, with the skills you’ve got, by taking just those extra little steps. It is why we talk about courage at the end of the book... the place where you take a small, sharp intake of breath and say, “well here it goes, I am going to take that risk and move.” That is my story and I hope it will be yours.

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