has emerged as a poster company for focusing on company Culture. This list of "Zappos Family Core Values," created a few years after the company began is a good example. Employees and organizational leaders designed the list, which today forms the basis of expectations for both employees and the company's Culture. More than any other metric, employees are judged against this list to determine hiring and firing decisions, a rare and risky decision, yet CEO Tony Hsieh wishes the company had done it this way from the very beginning.

In this short video, Hsieh shares some of his views on "committable" values. Yet another way Zappos lives out its belief in the importance of its employees and the company's Culture and integrates them into the core of the business.

Barclay's recently made some movements in a similar direction by linking compensation to cultural fit, so we wonder, is this the beginning of a "cultural" revolution?

Do you think hiring and firing for cultural fit is a good thing? How would you feel if this concept reigned supreme at your place of employment ahead of other, more traditional and concrete measures of productivity and success?



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