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A Million Davids

Chapter 2 – A Million Davids (Now With Enhanced Slings) In his remarkable retelling of the ancient story of David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell (in his book titled after the story) reminds us that often, rule-changers win battles. “There is an important lesson,” he tells us, “for battles with all kinds of giants. The powerful and strong …

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The Stewardship of New Growth Forests

Until the last week of the final September of the decade, now ended, relations between teenagers and septuagenarians were generally, at least, on civil grounds. Not anymore! On September 23, in a lobby of the UN, more than a few camera operators captured a picture that spoke considerably more than the typical thousand words most …

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A Fresh Start, and Why We Need One

Chapter 1 – A Fresh Start He seemed so sure of himself, his story, and his insights. Each element fit neatly with the others—a theorem that had gathered enough examples to become fact. “They completely missed the point,” the smug management guru intoned in the concise and oft-rehearsed phrases of the TED talk circuit. “Kodak …

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