Chris Houston has been a management consultant to senior executives of global companies for over 30 years.  For Chris, to walk observantly and supportively, along side leaders, is a calling, a craft, far more than a mere profession. He loves the intricate and often intensely personal process of helping leaders and their organizations grow and thrive, even in extremely challenging conditions. Most of his consulting relationships last for years, transitioning through the natural stages of growth as needs and conditions change. For many clients, the benefits of an experienced ‘third party’, who remains close enough for relevance yet removed enough for objectivity, has proven to provide a valuable resource to help through challenging times and achieve positive results.

From his unique 'perch' in the C-suite, Chris has seen that in recent years, the role of business in society is being irrevocably changed...for the better. Telosity—a word chosen to define a movement—names this shift in what society, especially customers and employees, are demanding of business, that each one serve a social good. Chris wrote For Goodness Sake in order to capture the essence of this profound change in role of business in society and to encourage it further.

Now, seeking to pay attention to his own words with action, Chris is serving as an advisor to a purposeful-business called The Telosity Company, a creative management consultancy company dedicated to help leaders build and grow healthy human companies.

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