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A Million Davids

Chapter 2 – A Million Davids (Now With Enhanced Slings) In his remarkable retelling of the ancient story of David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell (in his book titled after the story) reminds us that often, rule-changers win battles. “There is an important lesson,” he tells us, “for battles with all kinds of giants. The powerful and strong …

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The Stewardship of New Growth Forests

Until the last week of the final September of the decade, now ended, relations between teenagers and septuagenarians were generally, at least, on civil grounds. Not anymore! On September 23, in a lobby of the UN, more than a few camera operators captured a picture that spoke considerably more than the typical thousand words most …

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A Fresh Start, and Why We Need One

Chapter 1 – A Fresh Start He seemed so sure of himself, his story, and his insights. Each element fit neatly with the others—a theorem that had gathered enough examples to become fact. “They completely missed the point,” the smug management guru intoned in the concise and oft-rehearsed phrases of the TED talk circuit. “Kodak …

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Spurring on Business Change for the Better

There are leaders changing businesses to work for the greater good, solely because it's the right thing to do.

Relationship Between Purpose, Brand, and Culture

In this video blog, Chris Houston of Telosity talks about the symbiotic relationship and interplay between a business's purpose, brand, and culture.

Three Things to Bring Forth Purposeful Enterprises

"Punching above your weight" is something of an obsession for Canadians, most of whom are strung like a ribbon four thousand miles wide and a hundred miles thick along the US border.

A Ding in the Universe (For Goodness’ Sake)

A new chapter in the story of Telosity.

The Individual Revolution

Finding our balance of ipse and idem.

The Panarchy Effect

Why we need something better than “Maximum Sustained Yield”.

All Parties Must Come To An End

The music from the party we’ve known may have stopped, but the distant sounds of a more hopeful one are beginning.

Choosing Certainty Amidst Uncertainty

Three distant lights to dispel the gloom…

Remembering Good

Seizing every moment to encourage a movement of businesses to do good is my choice. What will be yours?

How to Fight the Addiction to More (In Business)

Why temperance can bring health we never imagined to business and society.

How To Make Your Organization More Courageous

The “courage quotient” in your organization must be high if it will ever deliver something that matters.

Prudence, And Thinking Outside the Box

Why a moral framework and the wisdom to act accordingly is essential for every business leader.

Be a Black Sheep and Change Business for Good

Why the Cardinal Virtues are an ancient lens business can’t do without

The ‘Business Case for Purpose’ Completely Misses the Point

We need to skip the purpose fad and find telos instead.

The Most Effective Leadership Trait You’re Missing

Why the often-overlooked thing called embodiment is the only real way to super-charge company purpose.

Choices of Strategy To Make Your Aspiration Stick

Populist’s early story is a lesson for us all on how strategy evolves and why it’s important.

How to Make a Difference by Sharing Your Aspirations

The story of how Populist got started contains a fascinating and encouraging lesson for us all on how culture change begins

If You Want to Change Business for the Better, Don’t Think Like a Sheep

A framework to help you bring the purposeful enterprise to life and an introduction to Populist, some friends who are doing just that.

How To Unlock Inspired Performance

Two crucial vectors enable the high performing leaders of every purposeful enterprise.

Performance Anxiety: How Must the Purposeful Enterprise Perform?

Imagine what your company could deliver if it rewarded performance based on more than just quarterly earnings?

How To Navigate Complexity By Embracing Paradox

A practical way to think like a leader in a purposeful enterprise.

Overheard at the Purposeful Enterprise: Radical Candor

A follow-up to our last post on what the purposeful enterprise “sounds like”.

Looking Back And Reaching Forward

A reflection on the year that’s been, and what’s yet to come…

Coloring Reality: What the Purposeful Enterprise Looks Like

The first segment in a new series on what the purposeful enterprise looks like, sounds like, thinks like, and performs like.
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