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Help Business Adopt A Good Habit

An invitation to add your voice to a story of positive change.

Why Courage Is The Seed Of Change

…and why your organization will stagnate unless you find it.

Why Humility Isn’t Who You Think

A Tale of Two CEO’s and You.

Marks of Metanoia 7: Hang On Tight for a New Horizon

Why a new world opening before you is a sign of metanoia.

Marks of Metanoia 6: When Change Smacks you in the Face With Your Own Story

Why metanoia causes us to engage more deeply not just with what we think, but who we really are.

Marks of Metanoia 5: Joined to a New Tribe and Deeper Connection to Others — Part II

Why a change of heart and mind sparks deepening connection to others.

Marks of Metanoia 5: Joined to a New Tribe and Deeper Connection to Others — Part I

Why a change of heart and mind sparks deepening connection to others.

Marks of Metanoia 4: No Turning Back – Non-Conformity Born of Conviction

When non-conformity borne of conviction sets a new direction, chances are its metanoia.

Marks of Metanoia 3: A Mysterious Compelling When Even Willpower is Not Enough

How the mysteriously compelling nature of metanoia can carry us to places we never thought possible.

Marks of Metanoia 2: Spectacles, Longshots and the Consequence of Conviction Beyond Reason

Why, before we know it, metanoia can carry us beyond the false security of reason.

Marks of Metanoia 1: An Encounter With the Boundless & Unexpected

… or bow to the risk, ignore the flutter, and settle for what you’ve always known.

The 7 Marks of Metanoia… that Lead to Culture Change

…and why metanoia is the rising tide that lifts all boats.

Culture Change Starts With You

Metanoia and changing the culture of a company.

Why Telos is Always Embodied to Life

Part of our series on how people can embed a purpose into a company’s thinking and activities.

Why Choice Brings Telos to Life (Or Buries it)

The grim realism of daily choices are a key part of making purpose happen.

When Aspiration Brings Telos to Life

Why the resilient company runs on aspiration.

How to Activate the Telos Within Your Company’s DNA

…there’s no such thing as a how-to when it comes to purpose, but this will at least get you started.

A Cultural Conflict of Interest

…and the choices that lead to a relationship’s day of reckoning.

How To Sustain Or Erode Company Culture

…and the little choices that matter most.

A Management of Worthy Intentions

A Management of Worthy Intentions: Change expert, Chris Houston, continues his series of parables that brings culture to light through fiction.

What To Do About Cultural Dissonance?

Can defeated cultural expectations corrode a company?

When Actions Don’t Match Words

… and what it means to the Origin of Company Culture.

The 5 Dimensions of Identity as Culture

Company identity is a composite of purpose, brand and they had better align.

A Taste of Culture Brought to Life

When company culture is best explained by actions not words.

The NFL – a Brand Identity in Crisis

Understanding the identity of American Pro Football through its Brand

Business Can Change The World…?!

…but what about lack of evidence, selfishness, and the persistent pursuit of profit?

Why Business Leaders Must Learn the Art of Embroidery

…and the intricate art form of a unified brand and culture.

Finding the Relationship Frequency

How a company treats friends and competitors informs its identity.

What Sustains a Brand’s Identity – Does It Matter?

Yes. And it’s more important than you think.

Why Brands Must Inspire by Intention, or Face Expiration

Key to a Healthy Brand 3 – why intention matters on the new frontier of Brand
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