The Telosity Guild is a gathering of organizations that serve a unique role in helping grow purposeful enterprises. They see value and a need for purpose driven business and that business can be put to work for good outcomes. The Guild is built to operate like one unit with the spokes being specialists in their fields. Read more about Guild members below:

The Change Alliance is a boutique management consultancy that helps leaders grow purposeful enterprises – those organizations whose Purpose is expressed in a Brand that is authentically evidenced by its Culture. We believe that the Identity of every organization must reflect its Purpose and so we help leaders define that Purpose, build Brands that matter and shape resilient organizational Cultures that are deeply committed to their Purpose and live out the essence of their Brand.

BNR Media Group is a creative agency that specializes in branding, communications and marketing multi-media that helps you tell your story and position your brand in a way that sets you apart – clear, creative, intentional. We believe that great stories move and change hearts and minds so we partner with leaders to tell and re-tell the great story of their organization. We inspire on purpose for purpose.

Flow Office Wisdom is a Certified B Corporation offering a full suite of back office services for businesses and not for profit organizations that are working hard to change the world for the better.  Our team loves digging into bookkeeping, graphic design, fundraising, writing, event planning, and all the other tasks that take your focus away from building your business.

KAP Design is a team that loves to fuse the craft of visual storytelling with design to unlock meaning and invite wonder. We believe that clarifying and visualizing information with beautiful design enriches stories and engages audiences to inspire and promote understanding. We give wings to your good work.

The perfect blend of hustle and heart, Openly supports changemakers in achieving greater social impact. We are a team of dreamers, designers, researchers, and facilitators who help organizations drive forward to meeting their goals. We achieve results for our clients through strategic learning where we ensure what leaders need to learn connects directly to what they need to do, allowing for decisions and strategy to be truly data-driven and creating the space for innovation and adaptation in complex and emergent environments.

10C is a changemaking social enterprise in Downtown Guelph. Phase 1 of 10C's placemaking offering created a downtown coworking and event meeting space that supports over 150 members working across sectors. Phase 2 of 10C's changemaking work extends into the community with members and enterprises to envision, identify and measure social impact, strengthening corporate social responsibility programs for both reporting and program enhancement purposes

Vibrant Content creates modern websites, brand identities, and communications materials that help change-making organizations fulfill their mission and expand their reach. They are based in Victoria, BC, Canada.