The Telosity

The Telosity Foundry is an investment and incubator/accelerator vehicle for the nurturing of new purposeful enterprises, anywhere in the world.

As 'iron sharpens iron" and new material is crafted into new shapes and form, so the Telosity Foundry assembles together capital and capability around the entrepreneur to help them, and their team, bring their vision to life. We are 'mid-wives' of the entrepreneurial energy that is the lifeblood of new enterprise creation.United in shared purpose to harness the immense power of business for social benefit, we are relentlessly creative in shaping the enterprise as 'fit for purpose'. Since our legal and regulatory frameworks have not yet caught up with the rapid evolution or organizational forms, some members of the Foundry look like businesses, some register as B-Corps and some look more like "not-for-profits". Each takes the best form to enable its Purpose. Entry to the Foundry is on an application basis and new Members are admitted semi-annually as capital and capability is assembled.