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Four-minute introduction to Telosity
Half-hour talk from Chris Houston about Telosity Guelph

For Goodness Sake

A preview of Chris Houston's book For Goodness' Sake


Angela's Story: There are leaders changing businesses because it is just the right thing to do.
Stories and Conversations - You don't need to be the CEO to change your company for the better.

Terms and Definitions

The outward expression of an organization’s identity (brand) and the inward manifestation of that identity (culture) are well known, but the third element, one that is less visible yet deeply significant, is telos — the organization’s purpose-for-others.
The foundation of our thought lies in our brand and our name. We thought we would have a dialogue about the creation of Telosity.
Convergence - How have "not for profits" converged with "for profit" businesses? Learn how we coined the phrase, the Purposeful Enterprise.
Populism - We need businesses to do positive good
Panarchy - What can a natural phenomenon teach us about how business systems behave?
Metanoia - Business organizations don't change, people do, sometimes, one heart and mind at a time

Company Profiles

We profile Patagonia and examine whether they fit Telosity standards.
Impact Investing. How is it changing the investment landscape?
Bullfrog Power leapt into the market in 2005. Do they meet Telosity standards?
Large corporations, can their business case be Telosity certified?

Other Topics

How do you overcome cynicism?
We are working towards a new way of doing business. Let's work towards positive social outcomes.
This is our challenge and our purpose. We hope you will join us on this journey.
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