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Telosity? What’s in a name? A word? The root telos (meaning "intended end or purpose") with the suffix -ity describes a continuous movement toward the fulfillment of your organization's purpose-for-others. The pronunciation of the word (like “velocity”), suggests an acceleration towards a business organization's best version of itself.

Telosity captures the essence of a moment, a time, a movement, an acceleration—from one place, to another. The world we call “business” has left what it once was but has not yet arrived where it is going. Once, shareholder value maximization was pre-eminent. Not any more. Now, the social benefit of a business is in ascendancy and a new relationship with profit as means, rather than ends, is in formation. With this shift in the core purpose of a business comes radical change, even re-formation—a radical re-alignment of a particular type of organization, with unseen implications. The fundamental nature of what we have called and known as a business is being re-shaped. We, here at Telosity, think...for the better.

A central concept of Telosity is the relationship between purpose, brand and culture. Healthy organizations reconcile why they exist (purpose) with their identity and how they express themselves externally (brand) and how they really are internally (culture). In a healthy business, all three of these elements—purpose, brand and culture—are anchored in a reason to exist beyond mere profit maximization. Learn more



Why do we exist as a business? This question needs to be asked until there is a satisfactory answer that gives meaning and so animates a majority of employees. It is always found, we believe, in the domain of serving others - the domain of telos.


What kind of reputation do you want for your company? What kind of reputation do you want for yourself? Is the company you work for doing what makes you proud to work there? Make your brand matter! Insist on it.


Is your company a faker? Does it actually do what it says it will? Are you personally a good representative of the brand to which your business aspires? If not, change!

Choice: Purpose and brand are inter-connected. Brands are increasingly anchored in why the organization exists, in what matters, profoundly so.

Aspiration: Employees, especially millennials, want to show up at work and to do things that are meaningful and meaning always derives from a focus upon others, not from self-absorption.

Embodiment: The external face of the organization and its internal reality must be aligned. If you pretend to be something you are not, you’ll get called out...sooner rather than later.


If you're interested in finding out more, check out our book on purposeful enterprises called For Goodness' Sake: Satisfy the hunger for meaningful business.

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